Monday, November 30, 2015

Air Terjun Bantimurung

    Hallo semua, kali ini aku akan nulis blog aku dengan bahasa Indonesia ya. Beberapa minggu lalu aku baru aja pulang dari Makassar, Makassar adalah tempat kelahiran dari mama aku jadi bisa di bilang pulang kampung. Kita tidak punya banyak waktu saat di makassar karena cuma 3 hari di sana. Selama di sana kebanyakan kita pergi ke tempat makan khas di sana dan pergi ke rumah bekas mama aku tinggal, tapi untung ada waktu buat ngunjungin Bantimurung. Bantimurung adalah tempat wisata yang dulunya terdapat banyak sekali kupu-kupu tapi sekarang tinggal sedikit, mungkin karena polusi yang semakin parah dan kurangnya perawatan dari pemerintah setempat, sayang banget padahal tempatnya bagus. Kita bisa main air di sini dan bisa berkunjung ke Gua yang ada di atas, tapi aku ga kesana karena terburu waktu . Aku sempet main di air terjunya , airnya sangat dingin dan seger banget, so bagi kalian yang mau main air jangan lupa bawa baju ganti dan handuk ya . Oh ya harga masuk ke sini adalah Rp 25.000 , ga mahal kan .

  Ini adalah air terjun Bantimurung, kalau musim hujan katanya airnya lebih deras dari ini tapi airnya tidak sejernih ini.

  Ini outfit yang aku pakai saat jalan-jalan di sana, baju terusan aku dari @Charmantecollection , aku paling suka pake baju yang bahanya nyaman dan tidak panas saat di pakai dan baju dari Charmante ini sangat nyaman di pakai padahal udara sangat panas. Aku suka banget sama baju ini .

                                                                 Headband ~ H&M
                                                    Longdress ~ Charmantecollection
                                                               Jacket ~  Forever 21
                                                                     Bag ~ Aldo
                                                                  Shoes ~ Herspot

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Feeling Blue

   Hello everyone , have a good day people. Today I went to go along with my mother. We really like to go together in our free time or shopping together . I am very close to my mother , she is my mother , sister and also my best friend . How about you guys ? Do you like to go with your mother ? Do you know that my mother who always help me to take a picture of my outfit?? heheh she's the best Mom in thee wold

  Today I feeling blue, so I decided to wear this outfit. What do you think about my outfit? Do you like it? Bay the way I have plans to make some giveaway, are you interested? Give me a comment on my blog or Instagram @miucesca. Don't forget to follow my IG and Blog guys. 

Hat ~ Forever New
Scarf ~ Monet
Top ~ H&M
Skirt ~ Thailand
Heels ~ Zara


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Black Monster

  Hello everyone , it's been so long I didn't write my blog. Very difficult to find people to take a photos of my outfit, hiks. Sometime my mom help me but she's so busy right now. For this time my friends help me to take a picture of my outfit,yeay thx bro!!!
  So , you know that I really like black color. My today outfit from @whitewillowshop. This dress is very comfortable to use and simple. I really like ! As you can see the weather is very hot but this dress doesn't make me sweat because the material is very good. Don't forget to check their instagram @whitewillowshop .

     Hat - Thailand
Dress - @ whitewillowshop
Shoes - Converse

Monday, August 03, 2015

The Littlen


  I knew, I knew it was a long time I did not write my blog . How are you guys? I hope good .

  I want to share my story to you . I really like to change my hair color . Few months ago I dye my hair with black cThey wrote that the products they sell using natural ingredients but one day after I use that my head feels so heavy. My head swollen , there are bumps , reddened and itchy. I had an allergy of shrimp and after this incident my allergy becomes more severe, When I cheese, chili sauce, egg or drink milk my allergies come and itchy. I feel almost crazy with this problem. I just want to cry right now. So for those of you who like to dye your hair please be careful even though they write that the produt uses natural ingredients!!! 

  By the way you know that I really like black and white outfit so today I am wearing this lovely monocrom outfit from Littlen Collection for lunch with my mom,its very comfortable and I really love it!!! Bay the way thanks to my mom for helping me take a photo of my outfit today .

Hat ~ Chatuchak Market
Top and Kulot pans ~ Littlen Collection
Scarves ~ H&M
Vintage bags~ Chatuchak
Heels ~ Zara


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pattaya with Hedonpacker

  So today I will discuss about my vacation in pattaya . When i was in  Pattaya we went to Nong Nooch Village , the place is very beautiful and there is so many elephants. We can see the culture in thailand , walk around to see the beautiful garden , watching the elephant show and taking pictures with them...wohooo so fun!




  The second place we go is the floating market . I get some snacks and lunch here, there are many food stores but they sell it on the boat and we can also take a boat to get around after that we watch jack sparrow playing music hahaha and shop some souvenirs .

                              Dress ~ Uniqlo
                              Scarf ~ Forever 21
                              Glasses ~ H&M
                               Shoes ~ Adidas

Monday, June 01, 2015

Bangkok with Hedonpacker

    Hello everyone, how are you ? I am back!! You know guys, I really missed my holiday in thailand . So today I decided to show some of the beautiful places in Thailand and of course my oufit. Huyuuu..

   When I was on vacation in thailand the weather is very hot "45 c". So I decided to wear simple outfit. My outfit from Hedonpacker, This shirt is very comfortable and I really love this shirt for sure. Maybe some of you ask me what is Hedonpacker ?? Hedonpacker is a group in which its members really like travelling and I'm one of them. We decided to create a traveling shirt to travel and this is the result . What do you think  about Hedonpaker shirt ? We will sell this shirt soon. For more info you can see on Hedonpaker blog. 

Hat ~ Dignity
Glasses ~ H&M
Shirt ~ Hedonpacke
Jeans ~ Stadifarius 
Shoes ~ Adidas

  This is some of the places that I visited during the tour in bangkok.

Grand Palace

Wat Pho