Monday, August 03, 2015

The Littlen


  I knew, I knew it was a long time I did not write my blog . How are you guys? I hope good .

  I want to share my story to you . I really like to change my hair color . Few months ago I dye my hair with black cThey wrote that the products they sell using natural ingredients but one day after I use that my head feels so heavy. My head swollen , there are bumps , reddened and itchy. I had an allergy of shrimp and after this incident my allergy becomes more severe, When I cheese, chili sauce, egg or drink milk my allergies come and itchy. I feel almost crazy with this problem. I just want to cry right now. So for those of you who like to dye your hair please be careful even though they write that the produt uses natural ingredients!!! 

  By the way you know that I really like black and white outfit so today I am wearing this lovely monocrom outfit from Littlen Collection for lunch with my mom,its very comfortable and I really love it!!! Bay the way thanks to my mom for helping me take a photo of my outfit today .

Hat ~ Chatuchak Market
Top and Kulot pans ~ Littlen Collection
Scarves ~ H&M
Vintage bags~ Chatuchak
Heels ~ Zara