Friday, February 21, 2014

Hey Mickey

   Hello everyone ..I decided to coloring my hair, I don't mind waiting such a long time to change my hair color and look my hair look so amazing and I'm so falling in love with my pinky hair 😍
  By the way , when i was tidied up my wardrop , i found a cute vest , there's so much mickey face , i guess this is my brother's vast long long time ago hahaha..

Hat ~ Top Shop
Micky Vest ~ My brother's vast 
Crop Tanktop ~ Breska  
Skirt ~ Breska
Boots ~ Zara


My pinky hair after coloring

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Nail Art

Brush , doth , fake nails , glue - Topcoathouse
Black nail polish -Vov
Two color nail polish - Reflon

    Hello ... Today i want to share about my new hobby....Hemmm okay one day i come to my best friend house "Vinne Fransisca" and i see nail polish in her room , so i try to make some nail art and im falling in love with nail art .

   This is my first nail art , what do you thing about my Xmas nail art , good or bad??? I'm still learning how to make pretty nail art and i will show you my another nail art ...

    If you want to buy brush , doth or something about nail art like my first picture , you can search Topcoathouse on istagram .
Special Thx to Vinne and Topcoathouse ♥♥♥

Sunday, February 09, 2014

White CNY

  Hello sorry from my really late post , So CNY time and time to meet big family , eat until die and hunting angpao hihihihi , Last CNY i went to my grandma house and lunch ,chitchat with other and the next day i went to Tony Roma's hohoho (no diet ) , it really fun to me speen all my time with my big familys... CNY identic to red color but i dicade to wearing white dress and red bracelet  ,some time i think i look like kungfu girl ahahaha that's why a took a picture like kungfu girl just for fun :b , How about your CNY ???Hope all of you have a great CYN too

White Dress ~ Own desigh
Skirt ~ XXI
High Heels ~ Merie Claire
Bracelet ~ Madame Butterfly


Breakfast smoothies

   Hello people today i want to share my healthy smoothies . This is my breakfast and i will share you the recipe this yummy smoothie. I started to eat clean and healthy life (gym , yoga etc)  about 7 month ago . Go to the gym 5 times every week , im not fat but i just want to make my body healthy and sixpack tummy . So this is the recipe and hope you like it

Recipie : 
1 1/2 frozen banana
1/2 cup strawberry
1/2 cup manggo
coconut water / soya milk /almond milk
oat meal

How to make :

  1. Blend frozen banana , strawberry, manggo soya milk  until blend. (you can use almond milk or coconut water)
  2. Make some layer , frist the smoothies and put the oatmeal . Do like that until the glass full .
  3. enjoy your smoothies :)



     Hello everyone . Let me introduce my self :)
My name is Lucia Maria francesca and you can call me Cesca or caca or miu . Now i'm study at toursme and hospitality collage . When i was little girl i want to be a chef that's why i study hospitality.

   I love travelling (food travelling also), sport, music, art, purple , cat and puppy . Greentea ( tea ) , coffee , dessert (macaron) addict . Love fairytail and alice in the wonderland

 I start to make a blog for share what i use to hangout  or my clean food and some food recipe. I hope you like and inspire you :) so thx for read my post  and have a great day . Bye~
*Sorry if my english not really good