Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thanks 2014

 Hello everyone, How about your Christmas celebration ??? I hope you get a wonderful Christmas day. Hemh this is my last post in 2014. In this year I got a lot of lessons and wonderful or bad memories. I have a new friends and new things oh that really fun. Thank you for everything that had in 2014 .

  Soon will be the year of 2015. I have many wishes and I'll try to make it happen . Many things I need to do and fix it. Looking for new job , saving money  to continue my studies at another university and realize my dream to have a small cafe. Hopefully my patiserrie online business will success and I need to work hard to make it happen. hopefully in 2015 I could be a better person than before .  

                     Ballerina top ~ shelove
                     Square skirt  ~ chlorineclothe
                     High heels     ~ Zara

Friday, December 12, 2014

Hello December

  Hello December and hello guys! How are you? Hopefully well. Sorry I just can start to write blog again because I was busy at work and got sick. Time goes so fast , soon we will celebrating Christmas and New Year . Yeayy , I'm so excited! !! 
  My wish for this month is " Please give me a sweet and good memory. No more cries , no more pain . Hopefully this month I'll be a better person than before ,I can smile and spend my time with the peoples i love, I can make them happy and proud of me . Hope i have the best Christmas and New Year in this year . " How about you guys ? What your wish for this month ? I hope you get a wonderful thing in this month 😊

Ps : My lovely outer from Anokhi , you can find them at Good Dept. PIM and PP. Anokhi collection is very unique and available in limited pieces ;) 

Outer ~ Anokhi
White pants ~ Et cetera
Bag ~ Hermes
High heels~ Aldo
Necklace ~Jvl collection