Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thanks 2014

 Hello everyone, How about your Christmas celebration ??? I hope you get a wonderful Christmas day. Hemh this is my last post in 2014. In this year I got a lot of lessons and wonderful or bad memories. I have a new friends and new things oh that really fun. Thank you for everything that had in 2014 .

  Soon will be the year of 2015. I have many wishes and I'll try to make it happen . Many things I need to do and fix it. Looking for new job , saving money  to continue my studies at another university and realize my dream to have a small cafe. Hopefully my patiserrie online business will success and I need to work hard to make it happen. hopefully in 2015 I could be a better person than before .  

                     Ballerina top ~ shelove
                     Square skirt  ~ chlorineclothe
                     High heels     ~ Zara

Friday, December 12, 2014

Hello December

  Hello December and hello guys! How are you? Hopefully well. Sorry I just can start to write blog again because I was busy at work and got sick. Time goes so fast , soon we will celebrating Christmas and New Year . Yeayy , I'm so excited! !! 
  My wish for this month is " Please give me a sweet and good memory. No more cries , no more pain . Hopefully this month I'll be a better person than before ,I can smile and spend my time with the peoples i love, I can make them happy and proud of me . Hope i have the best Christmas and New Year in this year . " How about you guys ? What your wish for this month ? I hope you get a wonderful thing in this month 😊

Ps : My lovely outer from Anokhi , you can find them at Good Dept. PIM and PP. Anokhi collection is very unique and available in limited pieces ;) 

Outer ~ Anokhi
White pants ~ Et cetera
Bag ~ Hermes
High heels~ Aldo
Necklace ~Jvl collection


Thursday, November 06, 2014


 Hello everyone!!!! I feel so orange . Today I'm accompanying my mom to meet Her friend and nearby Her friend's home there was a garden and I decided to take a photo of my outfit there. 

 Today im wearing original finch t-shirt and ndlwork skirt . Love my outfit so much . Feel like a orange today or pumkin :b.

T-shirt ~ Original Finch
Skirt ~ Ndlwork
High  heels ~ Aldo


Wednesday, October 08, 2014

back to old fashion

  Hello guys, I'm back !!!! Today I would like to share about my passion on vintages style and things
so I decided to try some outfits to be mix n matched.
I got all these stuffs from my mom's and granny's wardrobe these (top and skirt) still looks nice even since time passed by and i LOVE it !

                       Top ~ James Pringle  Weavers
        Skirt ~ from japan
                   Heels ~ Tory Burch
              Bag ~ CK


Tuesday, September 16, 2014


   Hello everyone ! I'm back. Finally I completed my college education but still waiting for the graduation day. Im very happy ! I would like to say thanks  to my family and friends who always supported me.

   By the way I like this outfit  yet my heels. Thx to Bellashoes, Love it ! Bellashoes is the most fave online shoes shop and guess what ?!?!? its a handmade!  you can order your own dreamed shoe as you wish. They makes any kind of shoes, from slipper , snickers , and heels! For more info you can see their instagram klick here .

  Crop Top ~  stadivarius  
Top  ~ @sundayclub 
Jeans ~ @le_sister 
   Necklace from my friend 
  High Heels @bellashoes 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hom Burger

  Hello everyone, I would like to say sorry to you guys, because I have no time to post my outfit because I was so busy with my final project. 

  Anyway I want to tell you about my new favorite food, Hom Burger. You can see this burger looks so yummy and it's true !!! 

  I've tried some of this burger: the Ultimate Cheese Burger and Japanese Miso Burger. I'm so falling in love with those burgers. The beef patty is really soft, the bacon so crispy and my favorite part is when the egg and cheese melted in my mouth, it taste soooo goooooddd !!! Can you imagine ??? Hemh yummy I'm hungry now..


 Beside the Ultimate Burger and Japanese Burger, there are also Jala Mexicana Burger, Butcher Burger and etc. By the way, you don't need to worry about the quality of this burger, because they made those burgers with selected and fresh ingredients. 

  If you wanna try this yummy and tasty burger, you can follow their Instagram and Line. *scroll down. 
Visit their booth on next bazaar at UPH, 19-28 Aug 2014! Dont miss it guys and taste your yummy burger!

Friday, August 08, 2014

I Don't Want You To Lie

  Hello everyone, im back . A few weeks ago I just cutted my hair and my hair looks a little bit weird. So I'm gonna wait until my hair getting longer to be able take picture for my blog. 

  Now I'm very busy working on my final project, hopefully I can finish it this month and get a satisfactory grade, just wish me luck guys! 😊😊😊

           Love this ring so much        
Hat ~ Stradivarius
Bag ~ Charles Jourdan
Shorts ~ Levis
Shoes ~ steal from my mom :b


Sunday, July 13, 2014

I Love Batik

  Finally finished my exams and dont have to come to campus again!!! Yeayy!! But I also have to finish my paper (final project). I hope it will finish as soon as possible.

  By the way I am happy to wear batik and I try to match my clothes for today. What do you think about my outfit?? I hope you like it :) I would like to thank my big sister for giving me this batik. Love it, kiss kiss and hug hug :*


Batik ~ from my sister
Skirt ~ Zara
Bag ~ Charles & Keith
High Heels ~ Zara

Monday, June 23, 2014

Pretty Pattern

  Hello guys, how are you guys ??? It been so long that not open my blog . I have so much home work for my last semester. Today i go with my mom to Grand Indonesia and we have so much fun there and also help me to take a picture for my blog. My super mom always help me anytime, i love you mom .

  I want to show you my skirt pattern, look so pretty and love it .

Top ~Express
Long skirt~ Edinburgh
Bag ~ Baobao
Wedges ~ Tory Burch