Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pattaya with Hedonpacker

  So today I will discuss about my vacation in pattaya . When i was in  Pattaya we went to Nong Nooch Village , the place is very beautiful and there is so many elephants. We can see the culture in thailand , walk around to see the beautiful garden , watching the elephant show and taking pictures with them...wohooo so fun!




  The second place we go is the floating market . I get some snacks and lunch here, there are many food stores but they sell it on the boat and we can also take a boat to get around after that we watch jack sparrow playing music hahaha and shop some souvenirs .

                              Dress ~ Uniqlo
                              Scarf ~ Forever 21
                              Glasses ~ H&M
                               Shoes ~ Adidas

Monday, June 01, 2015

Bangkok with Hedonpacker

    Hello everyone, how are you ? I am back!! You know guys, I really missed my holiday in thailand . So today I decided to show some of the beautiful places in Thailand and of course my oufit. Huyuuu..

   When I was on vacation in thailand the weather is very hot "45 c". So I decided to wear simple outfit. My outfit from Hedonpacker, This shirt is very comfortable and I really love this shirt for sure. Maybe some of you ask me what is Hedonpacker ?? Hedonpacker is a group in which its members really like travelling and I'm one of them. We decided to create a traveling shirt to travel and this is the result . What do you think  about Hedonpaker shirt ? We will sell this shirt soon. For more info you can see on Hedonpaker blog. 

Hat ~ Dignity
Glasses ~ H&M
Shirt ~ Hedonpacke
Jeans ~ Stadifarius 
Shoes ~ Adidas

  This is some of the places that I visited during the tour in bangkok.

Grand Palace

Wat Pho