Tuesday, March 01, 2016


  Hello everyone, This is my first blog about beauty products . If you know me , you know that I like to wear contact lens , the reason is because I'm a short sight. In my opinion , I prefer to wear contact lenses than glasses. Why ?? Because contact lens is more easier to use and sometime can make people look different, You know that my nose is not too good to wear glasses,  Hemh you know what I mean :( 
  If you wear soflen you have to be extra clean , you have to clean the contact lens before and after you wearing it. Don't forget to change the soakin water for you contact lens and etc. 

  My contact lens from Eyelovin , the name of contact lens that I use is Geo Big Grang-grang Chocolate . This contact lens is very comfortable, not easy to dry, the color is very natural and make your eyes look bigger. I just falling in love with this contact lens! All information about the contact lens is on the web and so detail.


So I made ​​a short video about how to open your contact lens from bottle .


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